hiatus schmiatus

now, i realize most (normal) people don’t post their first blog and then wait three weeks before posting another one.  however, if you take any time to read hereforth (fingers crossed there won’t be anymore long term setbacks), you’ll soon realize that i am not like most people (and most definitely am the antithesis of normal).

as to why the delay, well, as they say “in vino veritas”.  unfortunately, since i haven’t partaken in my favorite inebriant, we’ll leave the answer to that question as “pending”. (i’ll also talk about the terrible loss i experienced as soon as i’m done repressing it)



the right to write

so…since i’ve had this blog up and running for about a week now…i feel the time is right to get a-postin.

why the delay you ask?  well, this being my first blog (i realize i’m about 7 years behind the times) i wanted my first post to be perfect; sort of like an abstract blueprint if you will, of what i was hoping to accomplish on this medium.  i thought and pondered and slept and then pondered some more.  I decided that my first post would amazing, possibly even epic!  howeva…i scrapped that.  i’ve decided that posting a blog should be like sex.  it’s more exciting and enjoyable with the least amount of thought.  so without further ado…i present, my first blog.

(um…you just read it)