i SEE something i need

my obsession with handbags is not something i can (nor try to) hide.  to quote my father when helping me move “why on earth do you need 200 purses?  you could put a down payment on a house with what you’ve spent”.  my answer “i’m sorry you don’t have anything you’re passionate about”.  it still amazes me, given the number of bags i posess (200 is lowballing it), that i can still, with all my being, desire yet another one.  my current suitor is the see by chloe yate bowling bag. sidebar: the DAY Birger et Mikkelsen’s black and white sheer jersey top and Elizabeth and James’ black leather slingback wedges that they show the bag with are catching my eye too…uh oh. anyways, i’m not sure if it’s the hardware tipped leather bows (so me!), or the fact that it can be dressed both up and down that has me salivating. rest assured, if this pudgy little number is anything like the other bags i’ve wanted  i have about a week to decide (before the inevitable “sold out”)if i will ever see this chloe bag in my arsenal.


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