the greatest v-day gift. period.

it truly does not get anymore romantic than cartier’s iconic love collectioni myself have fallen hard for the 18k pink gold and diamond bracelet.  you might be saying”but isn’t it just a bracelet”?  au contraire mon frère.  aside from the fact that each and every cartier piece is a timeless token of passion and luxury to be worn forever, what sets this apart and makes it über sentimental is the fact that your lover actually locks the bracelet onto your wrist with the aid of a golden screwdriver for which he/she is to remain the guardian (here’s hoping that someone with enough dough to acquire one of these will be competent enough to account for the screwdriver…or you’re, well, screwed).

run, don't walk to


le convoitent

it is called “le french dresser” and it couldn’t be anymore me unless i birthed it. 

fashion show fairytale

elie saab is one of the very few designers who, in my opinion, never fails to transcend the levels of breathtaking. literally. after viewing his spring 2011 couture designs; a flourish of mousseline and organza in glittery, shimmery shades of champagne and pale blush; i realized, through lack of oxygen, that sheer and utter beauty is one of those things you just can’t prepare for…

my goldilocks bag

i constantly get harrassed for the fact that i tend to always have everything i think i “might” need with me-via 2 or 3 different bags.  personally i don’t care what anyone says, i ams what i am.  however, this being the year of a kinder, simpler vanessa (allegedly), i’ve decided to try and streamline my life.  when i stumled upon the morgan parish ranch tote it was as though the gates of heaven opened up and the angels began to sing. it was at that moment i realized that i don’t need to carry less, i just need a bigger tote!

here we are now entertain us

say what you will, the grungy fashions of kurt cobain are eponymous with high style.  my takes on the look.  a rag and bone crew neck sweater (1), bebe big love bangle (4), splendid cotton blend leggings (3), steve madden cameronn combat boot (5) , and an alexander wang donna hobo (1). rock on (without looking like you really care).

neon is the new black

an easy way to try out the neon trend that took the spring runways by storm. christopher kane’s leather platform sandals are just enough bright for those of us who don’t want to dive head first into the neon ocean.

flower power

a vray do: add fresh flowers to your home. (no, fake flowers won’t fly). my personal favorite, orchids.

kiss my art

i have the mantra of “keep it personal” when it comes to home decorating.  it doesn’t get much more personal than dna 11’s kiss art portraits. a truly clever way to let art imitate life.

i SEE something i need

my obsession with handbags is not something i can (nor try to) hide.  to quote my father when helping me move “why on earth do you need 200 purses?  you could put a down payment on a house with what you’ve spent”.  my answer “i’m sorry you don’t have anything you’re passionate about”.  it still amazes me, given the number of bags i posess (200 is lowballing it), that i can still, with all my being, desire yet another one.  my current suitor is the see by chloe yate bowling bag. sidebar: the DAY Birger et Mikkelsen’s black and white sheer jersey top and Elizabeth and James’ black leather slingback wedges that they show the bag with are catching my eye too…uh oh. anyways, i’m not sure if it’s the hardware tipped leather bows (so me!), or the fact that it can be dressed both up and down that has me salivating. rest assured, if this pudgy little number is anything like the other bags i’ve wanted  i have about a week to decide (before the inevitable “sold out”)if i will ever see this chloe bag in my arsenal.

a whole new world

i believe that the space you live in; be it a room in your parents house or a 10,000 sq ft mansion; should portray who you are as much as the clothes you wear and the attitude you posess (this is part of the reason i don’t understand people who hire stylists and interior designers). something i’d love in my humble abode is imaginenation’s decoupage art globes…talk about creating a heavenly atmosphere.